Our comprehensive in-house CNC machine shop can easily create or modify products to fit your needs. Using state of the art equipment including a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Ultrasonic Assembly machinery, and SolidWorks and CAD 3D modeling software, Marchels manufacturing capabilities are second to none. In addition to standard manufacturing processes, we also offer sorting, secondary operations, and source inspection to fulfill your manufacturing needs.

Once approved we use your parts specification sheet and utilize the most cost effective practices to achieve your plastic products completion.

CNC perforation or (perf) and labeling can be accomplished on your parts to reduce weigh or provide attachment and guide holes as needed. Perfs allow for easy alignment of plastic products with other components and plastics.

A Sampling of Parts

Custom Thread Protectors
Custom closures
Industrial Valve Handles
Stock deep skirt caps CT caps
Child Resistant caps CR Caps
Product Assembly and Packaging
Ultrasonic Assembly
Thin-wall injection molding
Post Molding Machining
Collection bottle and devices
Custom medical devices
Medical-device injection molding
Housings, Bearings, Gears, Cams
Specialty lens molding
Thin-wall injection molding
Electronic Enclosure
Appliance Parts
Motorcycle Parts
Fuel Systems Components
Sensor and Control Module Components
Automotive Parts
Speaker Brackets & Housing
Microphone Housing
Fuse Holders
Tail lights
Turn Signal Lenses and Housings
Industrial Tools
Toy Parts