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Product Design


Our custom injection molding graphics and design department can provide a 2D or 3D rendering of your project for conceptual approval and design review. We can also assist your design and engineering team with current practices to save you time and money without compromising the quality of your parts.

Our Prototyping capabilities allow for an In-depth development with Solidworks Moldflow Analysis software which allows us to optimize material costs and drastically shorten time to market of new plastic products.

Solidworks Moldflow and Solidworks Plastics are integral tools for part design validation. By using these advanced software systems, our design team is able to deliver your vision before its actual creation, giving your team the opportunity to make modifications prior to your plastic injection molding proof of concept production run.

Things to consider in your parts design

  • Are walls appropriate for cooling needs
  • Have you added a tapers and rounded corners where possible
  • Can a contour be added to add strength
  • Light colors are more forgiving
  • Will seams take away from the visual aspect of the part
  • Avoid the desire to add thickness, change material or design instead
  • Add ribs (usually) 1/2 the thickness of the main walls for strength
  • Used raised text verses recessed when possible
  • Will a flame retardant material be needed for the product
  • Use Marchel Industries for your Plastic Injection Molding Needs!

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